• The print is produced with HP Artist Media 210gsm matt paper using UV light fast inks by which the colour lasts for long periods against sunlight. This print is sold unframed, and signed on the front. 

    Custom framing services are also available upon request.

    Please note: the item size is for image only without margin. 





    Autumn Shade

    • This is the print carefully reproduced from the original work “Autumn Shade”. 


      As I often creates works that have a “fallen leaves” motif, so is this work. For me,  portraying the fallen leaves is not a mere depiction of autumnal essence, but the attempt to symbolise the concept of fragility and dignity of life, mortality, and vicissitude of civilisation.


      I finished the work with extra care, with my original line hatching technique as elaborate and delicate as possible. It is my interpretation of the concept of Still Life genre and for enhancing the concept, I painted a single snail amongst the leaves as the old masters used to paint various insects alongside the flowers and plants. During the Renaissance, snails were often used as symbols of resurrection, purity and mortality. Hence, the work "Autumn Shade".

      本ポスターは、作品『Autumn Shade』を忠実に再現したものです。



      本作品は特に丹精を込めて、可能な限り精緻で繊細な線描法を駆使して仕上げました。「落ち葉」を主題とした作品を通して、ボクは生命の儚さについて物語る暗喩の可能性を探求しています。それはまた、静物画という伝統ジャンルに対する極私的なアプローチでもあり、このコンセプトをより深める目的で落ち葉の中心にカタツムリを描きこみました。ちょうど往年の静物画の巨匠たちが花や植物とともに様々な昆虫を描きこんで、生命の儚さについてより印象を深めたように。ルネッサンスの時代、カタツムリはしばしば復活、純潔、そして免れることのできない死の象徴として描かれたといいます。こうして、生まれたのが『Autumn Shade』なのです。

    Japanese artist in the Lake District | イギリス湖水地方の日本人美術家 | United Kingdom

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