• The print is produced with HP Artist Media 210gsm matt paper using UV light fast inks by which the colour lasts for long periods against sunlight. This print is sold unframed, and signed on the front. 

    Custom framing services are also available upon request.

    Please note: the item size is for image only without margin. 





    Blue Moonlight

    • This is the print carefully reproduced from my original work “Blue Moonlight”.


      Hydrangea is known as one of the beautiful summery flowers in England while it is an synonym for rainy season in Japan. After the sunset, all colours fade away and the blue tone becomes predominant in your eyes. It is due to the function of the photoreceptor in our eyes; colour-sensitive cone cells in the retina become dull while light-sensitive rod cells become activated. Hence, in the moonlight, our vision tends to be sensitive most to the blue tone. Even in the twilight, the beauty of such flowers, which blooms today and withers away tomorrow, unfolds in our eyes. I just wanted to share such a miraculous visual experience found in our everyday life. It is also the reflection of the fragility of life along the line of Still Life tradition. Hence, the work titled “Blue Moonlight”. 


      本ポスターは、オリジナル作品『Blue Moonlight』を忠実に再現したもの。


      アジサイはイギリスでは夏らしい花として、日本では梅雨の代名詞として知られる花。ところで、日没後すべての色が褪せると、青系の色合いが強くなるように見えるものだけど、それは網膜内の色に反応する錐体細胞の感度が鈍くなり、明暗に強い桿体細胞が活発になる、ボクらの目の色覚の働きによるもの。だから、月夜にはすべてが青系の色合いに見える。今日は咲き、明日は萎れてしまうこうした花々は、薄明かりの中でさえ美しく咲き誇る。日々の暮らしの中にある、見えることの奇跡を、本作に寄せて。それはまた、生命の儚さをコンセプトとした静物画の伝統をも体現したもの。こうして『Blue Moonlight』が生まれたのです。

    Japanese artist in the Lake District | イギリス湖水地方の日本人美術家 | United Kingdom

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