• "Though it was to be focused on William Wordsworth and his world famous poem I Wandered I didn’t want the whole evening spent just looking at Wordsworth’s poetic works. I wanted to bring in a more modern approach through art and poetry, and as was requested by the descendants of Wordsworth that we try and revive interest in the Daffodil poem. Well it seems from comments made on the opening night that both these ‘performers’ achieved just that. A portrait of William Wordsworth created in the 21st century by the exceptional foresight, expertise and talent of Hideyuki. The amazing ways with words and the performing talents of poet Gary Boswell who again showed how poetry can be great fun and entertaining. Who else would find the word ‘Laff-o-dil’ from the inspiration of the famous poem itself? ‘…in such jocund company’? Who knows?"

    - Peter Elkington, Former Curator & Director of Rydal Mount & Gardens (excerpts from Preface)​


    2015 was the 200th anniversary of the publication of the revised poem "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" by William Wordsworth. For celebrating this, this commemoration book "I Wandered..." was published by the Shine Out Loud Publishers. This book comprised of a series of poems by the English poet Gary Boswell and quality images of my artworks exhibited at Rydal Mount as an illustrated anthology. The specifications are as follows:​


    softcover/ A5 size (148 x 210 mm)/ 60 pp/ 33 illustrations/ written in English and Japanese

    ISBN 978-0-9933021-0-7

    13 July 2015 published in the United Kingdom


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    − ピーター・エルキントン、ライダル・マウント&ガーデンズ前館長兼キュレーター(本書より抜粋


    2015年はウィリアム・ワーズワースの著名な詩『水仙』最終稿出版200周年の年でした。これを記念して、Shine Out Loud Pulishersより記念本が出版されました。本書は英国詩人ギャリー・ボズウェルの一連の詩と、ライダル・マウントを飾ったボクの作品の上質の画像で構成された詩画集となっています。本書の仕様は以下の通りです。


    ​ソフトカバー/A5サイズ(148 x 210 mm)/60ページ/作品画像33点/日英両訳

    ISBN 978-0-9933021-0-7



    ​本書『I Wandered...』は残部僅少につき、ご希望の際はお早めにご注文ください。署名入り、ロイヤル・メールにて発送いたします。



    I Wandered - Book



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