• The print is produced with HP Artist Media 210gsm matt paper using UV light fast inks by which the colour lasts for long periods against sunlight. This print is sold unframed, and signed on the front. 

    Custom framing services are also available upon request.

    Please note: the item size is for image only without margin. 





    On the Shore

    • This is the print carefully reproduced from the original work “On the Shore”, which I created for the exhibition “I Wandered…“ at Rydal Mount in 2015 for the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the final publication of Wordsworth's poem "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud" known as "Daffodils". 


      The couple is often featured in my life-scape works. On the bench at the lakeside on a crisp spring day was the middle-aged couple. On the theme of daffodils, I created a narrative by sprinkling daffodils as if cheered them quivering in the breeze at the shore. Hence, “On the Shore”. 

      本ポスターは、2015年ライダル・マウントにて開催したウィリアム・ワーズワースの詩『水仙』最終稿出版200周年を記念する個展『I Wandered…』にて発表した作品の一つ『On the Shore』を忠実に再現したものです。


      ボクのライフ・スケープ作品にはたびたびカップルが登場します。とある清々しい春の日、きらめく湖岸のベンチにてくつろぐ初老の夫婦。水仙を主題とした作品として、ボクは二人を祝福するように湖岸でそよ風に揺れる水仙を散りばめ、一つの物語を作りました。『On the Shore』、湖岸にて。

    Japanese artist in the Lake District | イギリス湖水地方の日本人美術家 | United Kingdom

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