• The print is produced with HP Artist Media 210gsm matt paper using UV light fast inks by which the colour lasts for long periods against sunlight. This print is sold unframed, and signed on the front. 

    Custom framing services are also available upon request.

    Please note: the item size is for image only without margin. 





    Winter Walk (Diptych)

    • This is the print carefully reproduced from my original work “Winter Walk (Diptych)”. This work was produced based on a memory of walking I enjoyed with my family and friends on an icy cold winter. The family depicted in this work was created by my imagination. Through depicting them out of focus, I questioned what the ideal family could be in the 21st century. Through employing the diptych style, I wanted to enhance the concept of dualistic meaning, such as life and death, light and darkness, visible and invisible, etc., which has become obsolete in our materialistic society, for questioning about our existential crisis. Hence, the title “Winter Walk (Diptych)”.


      本ポスターは、作品『Winter Walk (Diptych)』を忠実に再現したものです。オリジナル作品は、ある凍りつくような寒い冬の日に、家族と友人たちと一緒にウォーキングをした思い出をもとに制作したもの。作品中に登場する家族は、ボクが作った架空の群像。彼ら家族をピンぼけで描くことで、21世紀の理想の家族像とは何だろうと自問しました。ボクにとって二連画様式は、生と死、光と闇、可視と不可視など、物質主義的価値観に基づく現代社会においては廃れてしまった二元論的価値観を敷衍したもので、存在論的危機への問いかけなのです。こうして、作品『 Winter Walk (Diptych)』が生まれたのです。

    Japanese artist in the Lake District | イギリス湖水地方の日本人美術家 | United Kingdom

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