The Way I See

"This project is based in the English Lake District, one of the most famous natural landscapes in the world, which was recognized by the Romantic poet William Wordsworth, who wrote about the relationship between people and nature, and tried to stem the tide of modernisation occurring through the Industrial Revolution, and later conserved in large part due to the efforts of people such as Beatrix Potter, the writer and illustrator who was also a well-known conservationist, and who donated land and farms purchased with the proceeds of her picture books to the National Trust. During the tourist season, many tourists from around the world, including Japan, visit the Lake District, but at the same time, Cumbria has one of the lowest ethnic minority populations in the UK. Despite experiencing difficulties in the past few years such as flooding and a shooting incident, the area remains one of the most popular and beautiful landscapes in the UK. In this project, Hideyuki Sobue, a Japanese artist living and working in the Lake District, attempted a personal artistic approach to communication on a new level, on the subject of the Lake District." - Excerpts from Preface

This is the first publication I have ever produced for my art project "The Way I See", which was realised as a touring exhibition supported by Arts Council England in 2013. This commemoration catalogue shows how I explored the potential of the contemporary portraiture through the attempt to delve into its multi-faceted meaning. The specifications are as follows:

​softcover/ A5 size (148 x 210 mm)/ 60 pp/ 38 illustrations/ written in English and Japanese

22 October 2013 published in the United Kingdom

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“産業革命による近代化の波に抗い、自然と人間との関係性を叙情豊かな詩情に昇華したロマン派詩人ウィリアム・ワーズワースをはじめ、ナショナル・トラスト運動に多大な貢献を果たした絵本作家であり自然環境保護活動家としてもつとに知られるビアトリクス・ポターなどの尽力により、現在でも世界で指折りの景勝地として名を留める湖水地方。観光シーズンには多くの日本人で賑わう湖水地方を含むカンブリア州は、また他国人の全人口に占める割合がイギリス国内で最も低いことでも知られる。洪水、ライフル乱射殺人事件など、近年幾多の艱難に見舞われながら、なおもイギリス随一の景勝を留め、世界中の人々を魅了し続ける湖水地方において、当地を拠点に活動する日本人美術家ソブエヒデユキが、新たなコミュニケーションの可能性を模索しつつ、この湖水地方を主題として極私的レベルでの芸術的アプローチを試みました。” − 本図録冒頭より抜粋

本図録は、英国芸術協議会(Arts Council England)より助成を得て2013年に開催の運びとなった巡回アートプロジェクト『The Way I See』を記念して制作したもの。ボクの初めての出版物となりました。本図録には、その多角的な意味の深みに分け入って現代肖像画の可能性を探るボクの美術家としての試みが網羅されています。本書の仕様は以下の通りです。


ソフトカバー/A5サイズ(148 x 210 mm)/60ページ/作品画像38点/日英両訳


本図録『The Way I See』は残部僅少につき、ご希望の際はお早めにご注文ください。なお、送料が別途必要となりますのでご了承ください。ご購入プロセスで、ご在住国に合わせてイギリス国内発送または海外発送のいずれかのボタンをお選びください。

Japanese artist in the Lake District | イギリス湖水地方の日本人美術家 | United Kingdom

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