Conversation with Ruskin

"Painted, sculpted or photographed in his lifetime and since by many artists, none I know of has approached the challenge of portraying Ruskin quite like Hideyuki. In a single image he manages to bring forth Ruskin’s power, intensity, suffering and sensitivity with extraordinary clarity. Nor is Ruskin an object of contemplation. This is the face of a soul that urgently wishes to communicate with us. He inhabits the room and reaches out to us."

Howard Hull, Director of The Brantwood Trust (excerpts from Preface)


2019 is the 200th anniversary of John Ruskin’s birth. For celebrating this important milestone, I published this commemoration book for my dedicated art project "Conversation with Ruskin". The book shows an in-depth story about the concept of this project with four sections: Portrait, Nature, Referentiality, and Life-Scape, along with my art practice with rich illustrations. The specifications are as follows:


Softcover/ A5 size (148 x 210 mm)/ 80 pp/ 36 illustrations 

ISBN 978-1-78972-584-1

12 September 2019 published in the United Kingdom
This book "Conversation with Ruskin" is now available with a limited number of 200 copies. Signed and posted via Royal Mail.

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