Lake Artists Society Summer Exhibition 2016

One of the most important annual exhibitions in the Lake District arts calendar, The Lake Artists Society Summer Exhibition is now open to the public. With a history of over 100 years, it showcases the best Lakeland artists, some of those who are recognised at the national and international stages. Must-see exhibition! イギリス湖水地方のアートカレンダーの中で最も重要な展覧会の一つ、湖水地方芸術家協会夏期展が始まりました。100年余の歴史を誇る本定期展は湖水地方を拠点とする珠玉の芸術家たちの作品を一堂に集めた展覧会。イギリス全国はもとより国際的な評価を得ている芸術家も会員リストに名を連ね、必見の展覧会です!

Gold Beatrix Potter featured in the Westmorland Gazette

This year we are celebrating the 150th anniversary of Beatrix Potter’s birth. Best known as the author of “Peter Rabbit” series, Potter was truly a multifaceted person; talented watercolour artist, scientist, farmer, conservationist, entrepreneur, etc. She so loved the Lake District that she left 4000 acres of land including 14 farms to the National Trust after her death. I wanted to pay homage to her legacy enhancing the concept of Andy Warhol’s “Gold Marilyn Monroe”. While Warhol questioned Monroe’s legacy by using uneven gold paint in the background, I applied even gold to celebrate Potter’s legacy in the diptych style. The flock of sheep shown in the picture is Herdwick, native to the L


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