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Japanese sumi ink & acrylic



     I wonder if there is a place people have never set foot in…? I wonder how the landscape has been shifted and transformed by human intervention, or human experiences have been affected by the landscape? 

     I explore to create a series of narratives with visual language by capturing and delineating the human experience in its unique history, culture and contemporary understanding through gathering the threads of its story. It's neither simple landscape nor boring reproduction of photographic images but a narrative without words for an attempt to extract the core essence of human experience in the post-millennial era. It is, in other words, my exploration of the potential of a metanarrative once Jean-François Lyotard mentioned. It should be "the Open Work" as Umberto Eco once wrote, which can recall the fragments of core memory of human experience handed down from ancient days by means of fixating images of "today" reflected on my eyes in the course of history. This is my aim in life-scape.

Life-Scape - Father and Son.jpg
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