• Hideyuki Sobue

Virginia (after Da Vinci) Diptych completed

Updated: Apr 16

The original work was the right-side canvas which I once completed in 2019 for the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's death. However, I've been thinking of something lack as complete work. After pondering for a while, I could finally complete it as a diptych. The model is an imaginary figure I created based on Leonardo da Vinci's study drawing of an angel for "the Virgin of the Rocks".

When I think of those who were sitters for the art geniuses such as Leonardo da Vinci, it reminds me of contemporary celebrity culture. I believe they became art and fashion icons though often portrayed as sacred, mythical and literary figures: people never cease flocking around galleries and museums to see those portraits on varied themes almost religiously.

I explored our human mentality concerning those iconic figures once portrayed in the name of art by drawing a comparison with our contemporary celeb culture. I placed the creepered wall in the background drawing inspiration from the scene covered with Virginia Creeper on a fine autumnal day in the heart of English Lake District where I'm based. In this way, I explored entwining the concept above with my personal touch. Hence the title "Virginia (after Da Vinci) Diptych".



ボクは、現代のセレブ文化との対比で、芸術の名の下に描かれた人物たちの象徴性と人間心理について美術的なアプローチを試みたいと考えました。背景のツタで覆われた壁は、ボクが創作拠点を置くイギリス湖水地方で、とある秋の日に見つけた場面にインスピレーションを得たものです。この植物はVirginia Creeperという名で知られています。こうして、上述のコンセプトに美術家としての私的なエッセンスを織り込み、作品タイトルを『Virginia (after Da Vinci) Diptych』とした次第なのです。