Private premiere of the new commissioned work “The Poet at Old Stamp House”

November 8, 2016

The work "the poet at old stamp house" has finally delivered to the multi-award-winning restaurant in the Lake District, Old Stamp House this afternoon. I really enjoyed to see Ryan the head chef, who commissioned me to produce this work, absolutely loved it! It made my day!!


さて、今日の午後、作品『the poet at old stamp house』は無事、湖水地方で多くの受賞歴を誇るレストラン、オールド・スタンプ・ハウスに届けられました。本作品を依頼くださった若き料理長ライアンさんにとっても気に入っていただけたので、ボクもすこぶる嬉しい!いい日になりました!




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Art workshop organized at Brantwood

October 30, 2019

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