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Hideyuki Sobue's Art Store

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In Japan, Beatrix Potter is best known for her 'Little Books'. Peter Rabbit and the other characters she created are still hugely popular today. What is the secret to this enduring popularity? I believe it is the vitality with which Beatrix imbued each character, allowing the reader to feel that they are about to leap from the page at any moment. Take, for example, Jeremy Fisher. Although frogs and toads in real life are slimy and squat, in Beatrix’s hands he becomes magically endearing. 

The original works of this series are produced as part of my art project "A Letter to the Earth from Beatrix" held at Allan Bank, Grasmere. I've created these works to spotlight Beatrix Potter's creativity as an homage to her enduring legacy. As a Japanese artist living and working in the Lake District today, I have tried to reinterpret the stories and characters to which she gave birth as a result of her day-to-day observations. The result is a series of portraits of small animals (including my own pets) that I meet in my own day-to-day life. 

A contemporary twist with Victorian dark humour shining through, this collection of unique items brings creative inspiration and fun to your day-to-day life. Canvas prints, framed prints, posters, mugs, etc. have been made in collaboration with Order A Print. Please note that there will be a surcharge for delivery. Please enjoy shopping!

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