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Natural Poetry

Rydal Mount, Ambleside
→ 4th November ~ 28th November 2005 
Natural Poetry

     This project "Natural Poetry" was organized as the art collaboration with a contemporary poet Gary Boswell and a young cellist Yoshika Masuda in 2005 at Rydal Mount, where the Poet Laureate William Wordsworth once lived for 37 years. Through this project I explored the potential communication with the great poet past who loved the Lake District where I started to live in with my family.


     As is well known, Wordsworth was a poet who so loved the Lake District as to try to stem the torrent of modernisation. I assembled a series of works in attempting to trace Wordsworth’s visual fragmentary memories, deep emotion in his dairy life through the inspiration by the beauty of the Lakeland, and interpreting it in my own visual language. Particularly I explored the poet’s spirituality and creativity at the Romantic period, namely the the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, which can be traceable to the modernisation that has transformed politic, economic, military, ideological, social and spiritual frameworks; which confronts unfavourable legacy of the modernisation such as Post-colonialism, environmental threats, energy issues, etc., so that I might seek out something in common among all of us with different art forms beyond time and borders. Furthermore, I personally tried to create each work as if writing poems through which I contemplate the potential creative form between literature and visual art. This is, however, the first series of brush hatching technique with Japanese sumi ink & acrylic.

Natural Poetry - Leaf in Water.jpg
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