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Art is a microcosm which traverses a broad scope of academic studies. Artists are seekers to reveal its multifaceted meaning through their  artworks.


Conversation with Ruskin.jpg

Blue Gallery, Brantwood, Coniston

→ Saturday 8th August ~ Monday 17rd November 2019

The Ruskin, Lancaster University, Lancaster

→ Thursday 23rd January ~ Friday 28th February 2020 

Conversation with Ruskin

A Celebration for the Bicentenary of John Ruskin's Birth

2019 is the 200th anniversary of John Ruskin’s birth. An artist, art critique, writer, social thinker, the Oxford professor founded the Ruskin School of Art, Ruskin was known as the first critique to find Turner’s innovative painting style and established his name, led the Gothic Revival, provided the ideological foundation for the Pre-Raphaelites and the Arts and Crafts Movement. He was one of the most influential figures in Victorian England. For celebrating his legacy, I’ll organize my touring solo art project "Conversation with Ruskin" at the Brantwood in Coniston, where Ruskin chose to live in his later years, and The Ruskin in Lancaster University, the academic centre of Ruskin. This project is supported by Arts Council England.

2019年はジョン・ラスキン生誕200周年の年。美術家、美術評論家、文筆家、思想家、オックスフォード大学教授を兼任、同大学のラスキン・スクール・オブ・アートを発足、ターナーの斬新な画風を最初に評価して画家の名声を不動のものとし、ゴシック・リバイバルを牽引し、ラファエル前派やアーツ&クラフツ運動の思想的基盤となった、英国ヴィクトリア朝時代の巨人。その偉業を讃えて、ラスキンが晩年、終生の住まいとしたブラントウッド(コニストン)、次いでランカスター大学のラスキン研究の殿堂The Ruskinにて巡回展 "Conversation with Ruskin" を開催。なお、本プロジェクトは英国芸術協議会(Arts Council England)より助成を受けて実現した。

I wandered.jpg

Rydal Mount, Ambleside

→ Saturday 11th April ~ Monday 31st August 2015

I Wandered...

A Celebration of the 200th Anniversary of the Publication of William Wordsworth's 'Daffodil' Poem

The project was organized at Rydal Mount for celebrating the 200th anniversary of the final publication of William Wordsworth’s poem ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’. The show was featured in a variety of media locally as well as nationally including the Westmorland Gazette, BBC Radio Cumbria and the Independent.

本プロジェクトは、ウィリアム・ワーズワースの代表作『水仙』最終稿出版200周年を記念して、ライダル・マウントにて発表された。 本展は、地元有力紙ウェストモーランド・ガゼット紙やBBCラジオ・カンブリアおよび全国紙インディペンデント紙など、様々なメディアに取り上げられた。

natural poetry.jpg

Rydal Mount, Ambleside

→ Friday 4th November ~ Monday 28th November 2005 

This art project was held in 2005 at Rydal Mount where the Poet Laureate William Wordsworth once lived. It was the first art collaboration with English poet Gary Boswell and young cellist Yoshika Masudq.

本アートプロジェクトは、かつて英国ロマン派詩人ウィリアム・ワーズワースが暮らしたライダル・マウントにて2005年に行ったもの。それは、 英国詩人ガリー・ボズウェルと若きチェリスト、 ヨシカ・マスダとの初のアートコラボレーションとなった。

Wordsworth and Basho - Walking Poets_lea

Itami City Art Museum Kakimori Bunko (Hyogo, Japan)

→ Saturday 17th September ~ Thursday 3rd November 2016

The curated exhibition "Wordsworth and Bashō: Walking Poets" was held at the Itami City Art Museum Kakimori Bunko (Hyogo, Japan). The exhibition assembled some of the original manuscripts of national poets: William Wordsworth in England and Matsuo Bashō in Japan, alongside artworks created by over 20 contemporary artists from UK and Japan. Kakimori Bunko is a museum-library for the Kakimori Collection, one of the world's three major collections of haiku poetry and painting including original manuscripts of Matsuo Bashō.


the way I see.jpg

Sugar Store Gallery, Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal

→ Friday 19th July ~ Friday 27th September 2013

Japan House Gallery, Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation, London

→ Thursday 24th October ~ Friday 13th December 2013

Through this project comprised with a series of portraits, I attempted to explore the meaning of contemporary portraiture. It was held as a touring exhibition in 2013 supported by Arts Council England; first at the Sugar Store Gallery, Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal followed by the installation at the Japan House Gallery, Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation in London. 

一連のポートレート作品で構成された本プロジェクトは、現代美術における肖像の意味を模索するものとして構想したもの。本プロジェクトは2013年、英国芸術協議会(Arts Council England)より助成を受け、ブルーワリー・アーツ・センター(ケンダル)と大和日英基金のジャパン・ハウス・ギャラリー(ロンドン)にて巡回展として発表された。


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